CAFNBO - Supporting Enlisted Personnel of the Defence Forces

  CAFNBO is here to support members of the Permanent Defence Forces throughout their career.

Whether it is at home or on duty overseas CAFNBO are always here to support it's members.



  CAFNBO - Historical Background

The General Staff, acutely aware of the need to alleviate the financial distress on the families of deceased servicemen and conscious of the success of CAOGA on behalf of the officers, decided to set up an organising committee in 1963 to undertake the necessary preparatory work to establish an insurance scheme for NCO’s and Pte’s. This committee was chaired by Col W. Donagh and included Comdt J. Counihan and Capt H. Daly.

The inaugural meeting of the Society was held in the Gaelic Hall, Curragh Camp on 21 Dec 1964.  Col W. Donagh presided and he outlined the preparatory work undertaken by his committee.

The Society was formally established on 01 Jan 1965 with 4,100 members paying a subscription of two shillings (13c) per week. The benefits were £300 (€380) on the death of a member, £20 (€25) on the death of a member’s wife, £10 (€12.70) on the death of a child over 5 years and £6 (€7.62) on the death of a child under 5 years.  On 01 Jan 1980 CAFNBO Spouse was introduced.


CAFNBO is a Friendly Society registered under the Friendly Societies Act of 1896 as amended.  Membership is open to all NCO’s and Pte’s of the Permanent Defence Forces and their spouse. 

Applications for membership are placed before the management committee who may at their absolute discretion accept an application or not and determine the commencement date of membership (normally the date of the meeting). Although not compulsory, 99.6% of members of the Defence Forces are  CAFNBO members.

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