CAFNBO - Supporting the Enlisted Personnel of the Defence Forces

  CAFNBO is here to support members of the Permanent Defence Forces throughout their career. Whether it is at home or on duty overseas CAFNBO are always here to support it's members.

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  Q. Can I continue myl membership of CAFNBO & GANBO after I retire?

Members on Discharge from the Defence Forces with at least 5 years membership of CAFNBO and 3 years membership of GANBO. May retain membership for the following:

CAFNBO maximum period of 22 years or to 70th birthday whichever comes first.

GANBO maximum period of 17 years or to 65th birthday whichever comes first.

  Q. Can my spouse/cohabitating partner member continue his/her membership after my Discahrge?

A. YES.   
Same as the member (above). Please note that in the case of GANBO when the membership ceases for the member it will also cease for the spouse member.

  Q. When will my membership cease?

A. On Death, on Discharge from the Defence Forces, or at termination of period of retention.

  Q. Are the CAFNBO subscriptions and death benefit payments the same for serving and retained members?

A.   CAFNBO - No.  The benefits payable on the date of discharge will be the benefits payable  for the duration of the period of retention. While on Retention of Membership no further subscriptions are payable.

GANBO - Yes.  The subscriptions and benefits for Retained Members are the same as Serving Members; subscriptions are paid monthly by Retained members from their DF pension or by Direct Debit for members not in receipt of a DF pension.

Q. Are there any benefits which are confined to serving members?

FUNERAL EXPENSES  - of €5,000 is payable on the death of a serving member.

DISTRESS FUND – This is available to serving members who are contributing to the fund.

Q. Are my CAFNBO subscriptions refunded when I leave the society?

A. YES. All CAFNBO subscriptions are refunded in full on Discharge from the Defence Forces. Retained members subscriptions are held in the fund for the duration of their retention and are refunded on termination of retention.


Q. Do my subscriptions earn any interest?

A. YES. After 5 years membership an annual bonus of 3% is added. In addition members with more than 10 years membership also receive a terminal bonus.

Q. Do I have to wait until I the leave Defence Forces to get my subscription back?

A. Yes.  Subscriptions are refunded on Discharge, Termination of Retention or on Death (paid with the Death Benefit to beneficiary).

Q. Do my subscriptions earn any interest when I am a Retained Member?

A. No.  The subscriptions due on date of Retention remain the same for the duration of retention.

Q. If I reach the maximum age before my spouse may he/she continue membership?

A. YES.  Retained CAFNBO Spouse members who are younger than their spouse may continue for the period allowed on the date of the member’s retention.

 In the case of GANBO the answer is NO once Retention of Membership has ceased for the  member, spouse membership is automatically terminated.

Q. If I die, who gets my CAFNBO benefit?

A. The person or persons you nominate on your nomination form. This beneficiary may be changed at any time by completing a new form. It is imperative that members are aware of their beneficiaries at all times.

In the case of GANBO/GACBO the Trustees of CAFNBO administer the payment of these benefits and have absolute discretion.

Q. What would render a nomination form invalid?

A. Marriage invalidates a nomination. A new nomination form is required in this instance.

Q. What happens to my CAFNBO benefit in the absence of a valid nomination form?

A. The benefit becomes part of your estate.
(N.B. When did you last review you will? Have you even made a will?)

Q. What is the purpose of the GANBO Group Scheme?

A. The GANBO Group Scheme is a significant top up of your CAFNBO benefit which is restricted in the amount it can pay under the Friendly Societies Act. It forms the basis of a member's plans for the long term financial security of his/her family in the event of the death of either spouse.

Q. Will my GANBO Subscriptiions subscriptions be returned to me when I cease membership?

A. NO.

Subscriptions to GANBO/GACBO scheme are non-refundable.

Q. Can the GANBO Benefit be used to provide protection for a mortgage or as security for a loan?

A. NO.
The terms under which the Group Assurance Scheme operates precludes it from being used for this purpose.

Q. Do I need any additional life cover other than the schemes operated by CAFNBO?

A. The CAFNBO schemes, together with the GANBO Scheme and your statutory entitlements, provide the framework of your plans in this area. Any additional cover that you might require is a matter that you need to consider in the light of your own and your family's personal circumstances and needs. You must always bear in mind that CAFNBO & GANBO are term policies.

Q. How long am I covered for by the GANBO Scheme and is there an age loading on premiums?

A. Cover is up to a maximum 17 years after leaving the Defence Forces or to 65th Birthday, which ever comes first.  Unlike individual life assurance schemes there is no age loading.


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