CAFNBO provide a variety of benefits that members may require over the term of their membership.

CAFNBO have published an Information Flyer which outlines the range of benefits available and other schemes open to Defence Forces Enlisted Personnel.

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  Members of the Defence Forces who become members of CAFNBO are entitled to a full refund of subscriptions on discharge.

Membership Cards are available from your barrack Reps.

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  Although not compulsory, 99.6% of members of the Defence Forces are  CAFNBO members.

The management committee of CAFNBO consists of 15 members (All other ranks). 

Each major Barracks throughout the Defence Forces have a representative on the committee.

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  What is CAFNBO?

CAFNBO is a Friendly Society Registered under the Friendly Societies Act (1896) and was established so as to lighten to burden on the soldier/soldiers family on death of a soldier or any member of his family (wife or child).  The first subscriptions were paid into the fund in Jan 1965.. 

CAFNBO - Peace of Mind Membership is open to all other ranks in the Defence Forces. The society was based on the Officers Society CAOGA. Although NOT compulsory, the numbers who applied for membership in the initial period was very encouraging and at present membership of CAFNBO is at 99.95% of other ranks strength. 

In 1980 CAFNBO Spouse was introduced. Membership of the spouse scheme is steadily increasing.  As not all soldiers notify their HQ of their marriage it is difficult to determine what percentage of married personnel do NOT have their spouse in CAFNBO Spouse.

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CAFNBO Distress Fund is set up for the purpose of reliving distress among serving NCO's and Men of the  PDF.

The subscriptions are 25c per week by direct deduction from the payroll.

The fund is self financing and is totally independent of the main CAFNBO  schemes.  CAFNBO funds cannot be applied to the Distress Fund.

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Grupa Árachais Na Buan Óglaigh (GANBO) is a Group Life Insurance Policy for
members of CAFNBO underwritten by Aviva.
The weekly subs are €6.23 for a member and €4.62 for Spouse members.
Subscriptions are deducted at source by dept of Defence Renmore, Galway.

GANBO is a Group Life Insurance Policy for members of CAFNBO underwritten by Friends First.

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